DIY Project: Square Pocketfold for Wedding Invitation

Pocketfold wedding invitations have become very popular with brides over the past few years. They look very classy and beautiful upon completion, and are also very functional! The invites are customizable to your wedding theme and colors, and the pockets can hold a variety of cards that include wedding information (such as RSVP, map and directions, rehearsal dinner info, reception info..etc!).

Making the pockets yourself is a more affordable way of achieving these stunning invites! DIY pocketfolds range in price from $2-3 dollars a piece depending on your location and materials purchased. This is much cheaper than paying the typical $8 a piece you would spend online! The biggest sacrifice for these invites is your own time..but if you set up a table in front of your tv or dvr you can just make them day to day while you watch your favorite shows!

I found fantastic step by step instructions on ehow by a user named missmelinda25 who very generously shared how she created her own pocketfolds. Thanks Miss Mel!

You will need…

  • 11×17 Colored Cardstock (Each sheet should create 2 pocketfolds)
  • Exacto knife, rotary cutter and/or paper cutter
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • Super tape(double sided)
  • rotary scoring blade
  • embellishments (optional)

Now that you’ve gathered and ordered all the necessary’re ready to go! Are you ready? Here we go (image intensive!!) 😀

  1. The first step in creating your pocketfold is to take your 11×17″ cardstock and cut out the basic shape/size.  It’s easiest if you make a template first, that way you can just trace the remaining pocketfolds using the template (saves you time!). The template MissMelinda made had the following measurements: 14.5″ long x 9 1/16″ wide. To create the L-shape, you’ll need to cut out a rectangle 3″ x 8 5/8″. To make it even easier, you may want to find the shape of pocketfold that you like online, buy just one and use that as your template. You can use either a rotary cutter, paper cutter or exacto knife to make your cuts-whatever is easier for you.
  2. Create the Outer Pointed Flap – Find the center of the outer flap and place your ruler there. Line it up with the right edge to form a diagonal line ending your line at 1/2″ from the top and make your cut. Do the same to the left side and make a cut from the center to the left side 1/2″
  3. Create the Inner Pocket Folder – Here you will do the opposite. Find the center of the inner pocket and go down 1/5″. Line up your ruler with the right edge and make a diagonal cut. Do the same for the left side.
  4. Score your pocketfold – Your first score will be 2.5″ down from the outer pointed flap.
  5. Make your second score using the vertical line of the inner pocket. If you look at the picture, you’re cutting on the left side of the ruler.
  6. Make the final score at the base of the inner pocket. Make the score going horizontally at (what will be) the base of the pocket.
  7. Fold each of the scored lines. You can use a bone folder tool (or metal spoon!) if you’d like, although that’s optional.
  8. Place a piece of super tape on each side of the inner pocket. The Super Tape is double-sided so after you stick the tape down, you’ll see red tape that you’ll remove in the next step.
  9. Remove the red tape and then fold up the flap to make your inner pocket.

That’s it! Your pocket is all ready for your invitation mat, inserts and embellishments. Slide various cardstock cards in increasing heights in the pocket for your guests to pull out and explore! Finish your pocket invite by folding it up and banding it with a pretty colored ribbon.

These step by step instructions will help you create a ggorgeous pocket for your invites! I will further discuss customizing inserts and embellishments in a later post 🙂 Make sure you send pics of your handmade pockets if you create some of your own! We want to see 🙂