DIY Project: Wedding Wish Bowl

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Creating a wish bowl for your wedding is an inexpensive, personal touch your guests will love! A wedding wish bowl is simply a vase or bowl you place at your wedding with little pieces of paper or little cards that your guests can write wishes, advice and basically send good fortune to you and your new hubby. Guests then drop the cards into your wish bowl for you and your love to read whenever you like! Some newlyweds like to read one a day, so they have a constant reminder of their beautiful day when it is over and they are enjoying their new life together. The scraps of paper can also be included in a wedding album or scrapbook to accompany your memories. It’s such a cute idea! Some couples use the wish bowl instead of a guestbook, while some use it as an additional touch.

The project itself is rather simple! All you’ll need is some little sheets of paper or small cards for your guests to write on, a pen or two for writing, a vase/bowl/container of some sort, some craft items like ribbon or gems to adorn your vase/bowl. You also create a small card with a wish bowl poem to include near the bowl, so guests know what it’s for..and to add a little more personalization to your day!

As for the vase or container, you can use one you already have around the house (just give it a good cleaning if it recently held flowers! heehee), or you can pick one up at a craft store rather affordably..usually $10 or less. I personally love A.C. Moore’s collection of glass vases and containers used for floral arrangements, which would work perfectly here! Michael’s and Joann’s should also carry similar, affordable containers too.

Paper can be any old plain paper (if going the absolute most affordable direction), to colored card stock that matches your wedding theme. Just cut the paper down into small cards or strips that can be dropped into your container!

Some ideas for decorating your container include…

  • Tying a ribbon (or ribbons) around the container that coordinate with your wedding colors
  • Sewing beads and charms to the ribbon to further personalize the container to your theme. (ie. Swarovski crystal beads, charms shaped like seashells, etc.)
  • Glue colored gems/beads to the container itself that match the colors/theme of your wedding
  • If your container is glass, you can do your own etching with materials found at a craft store (will cover this more in depth in another blog!). Etching initials or a monogram would look great!

The card you put a poem or instructions on to sit near the wish bowl is the last part! You can be as creative as you want here. Make a card that would stand on its own with some cardstock, make it a sticker to affix to your container, lay it down near the bowl…You could even put the finished card in a frame and stand the frame near the bowl. The possibilities are endless, just be crafty!

Here are some Wish Bowl poems..Use one, or brainstorm your own! 🙂

Instead of a guestbook stuck in a drawer,
Jen and Bill thought they would do more.
Please write them a note, a wish, or greeting.
On the plane to Spain, it will make for good reading!
Or if you prefer, some advice would be nice,
on how to stay married and keep the spice.


Please leave us a note,
please drop us a line,
add advice on marriage,
to stand the test of time


As we begin our journey –
A brand new Mr. and Mrs.
We surely could use
Your advice and good wishes.

Share with us your wisdom
About marriage love and life
The secret to being a good husband
Or a top notch, first rate wife

Jot down a memory,
A reminder of our day.
A doodle or picture will do
If you don’t know what to say.

Please don’t forget –
It would be such a shame
Don’t drop your card in the bowl
Without signing your name.

Whatever you pen,
We’re sure to treasure
Long after this day has passed,
Your words will bring us pleasure


From each of your experiences,
Comes a very treasured gift,
A priceless piece of knowledge,
That we did not know exists.

Please share with us your wisdom,
About marriage, love, and life,
How to be a devoted, loving husband,
Or the perfect, caring wife.

Please write your thoughts and gestures,
To share with us for life,
For the greatest gift of all,
Is the gift of your advice.


Bride and Groom are now newlyweds
With love for each other filling their heads.
Please write them a note, a wish, or a greeting.
On the plane to Maui, they’ll make for good reading.
Or if you’d prefer, some advice would be nice
On how to stay married and keep up the spice!


Now go make one and send us the pics of the finished product! We’d love to see what you come up with!

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