DIY Video: DIY Wedding Hair Half Up Half Down with Pouf

I found this fantastic video on youtube that I thought all of you thinking about doing their own hair for their wedding would love! AshleyVictoria’s video is a detailed step by step to creating your own half up half down style with the currently trendy back pouf. It looks really elegant and romantic while still looking pretty modern and trendy. She makes the diy wedding hair look so easy to recreate on your own with just a curling iron, a hair clip or bobby pins, comb, spray mousse and some hair spray. Check it out here…

YouTube Preview Image

I actually used this video as inspiration for my own wedding hair which I will be wearing in almost a month! That explains my current lack of posts..I’m so sorry! I’m about a month away from my July 4th wedding so everything is getting really hectic on my end..but I haven’t disappeared! Thanks for still visiting..More DIY posts are always in the works so please keep coming back!! <3

If you use this video to create a practice style or for your actual wedding day please send photos! We would love to share how skilled and crafty all of you diy brides truly are 🙂

DIY Bridal Makeup by TiffanyD..gorgeous!

If you are one of the diy brides doing their own makeup for the big day I think you’ll love these youtube videos by TiffanyD. The first video she goes over step-by-step how to create a fantastic bridal makeup look from prepping with primer, applying foundation and concealer and then creating a beautiful natural look for the eyes. It would be perfect for morning and afternoon weddings or girls who don’t want to look too made up but still want to wear makeup to play up their natural beauty on their wedding day.

YouTube Preview Image

The second video continues with this gorgeous bridal look by finishing up the eyes , grooming the brows, applying blush and lip color.

YouTube Preview Image

The videos are perfect for both those looking to look as natural as possible..all the way to those wanting to be glam! Just follow the videos and add as much or as little as you wish to personalize your wedding day look for you..You’ll be stunning! 😀

DIY Bridal Beauty: Brown Smokey Eye Video Tutorial

I found this fantastic video on youtube by MakeupbyTiffanyD, showing how to create your own brown smokey eye for your wedding day. If you are looking to really play up your eyes on the big day and want to do the makeup yourself I think this look would look beautiful on anyone! I like how it is a brown smokey eye which is more subtle than black or it has a more natural, fresh feel to it..while still being glamorous! Just remember, if you play up the eyes it’s best to not go too crazy with the lips too. A subtle glossy lip would be best!

Click here to watch! (she has disabled embedding of her videos!)

DIY Wedding Makeup Video – Sweet & Innocent

Doing your own makeup on wedding day can mean huge savings for your budget. Plus, you get to keep using the makeup you purchased for the wedding for everyday use and special outings. If you feel confident enough..go for it! (And I know you DIY’ers are totally capable of it!)

Here is a great how to video from panacea81 on Youtube, showing a beautiful sweet and innocent look using Stila, Barry M and MAC cosmetics. Gorgeous!

YouTube Preview Image

If you use the video for a test run or your day, send us some pics! 😀