DIY Project: How to make a Wedding Card Box (Video!)

diy wedding card box

I found this fantastic how-to video on youtube showing step by step how to make your own wedding card box.  Wendy Dahl from Dahl Wedding Company does a beautiful job explaining and showing just how easy it is to make an adorable card box that will match your wedding theme and colors. It’s affordable too! All you need is a chip board box with a lid (she ordered hers from, some glue, pretty wrapping paper to match your wedding, scissors, a pencil for tracing, pretty ribbon and a craft knife.

Here is her fantastic video!

YouTube Preview Image

Please send us your photos if you make your own..We would love to see!

DIY Project: Wedding Petal/Favor Paper Cone

Paper cones are easy to make and can be used for multiple things for your wedding! They can be filled with petals for your guests to toss after your ceremony, or they can be filled with goodies as a favor! You only need a few materials, so it’s a really easy way to further customize your day.


Paper Cone Template – Download (PDF)

1 sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ paper per cone
Double-sided tape

1 8″ – 10″ length of ribbon for each cone handle
2 eyelets per cone + hole-punch and eyelet setting tools
Optional Embellishments – paper lace, stickers, ribbon, paper flowers, tags

Petal fillings – rose petals, lavender, candy-covered almonds

  1. Trace template onto sheet, and cut out along heavy blue lines.
  2. Apply tape to right-side, along shaded area.
  3. Roll the cone. Hold the cone by the left edge, and roll the right side toward the left edge. Press to adhere. Be sure to make the bottom somewhat pointy. This takes a little practice, so try it a few times with scrap paper before you begin using your project paper.
  4. If you prefer a flat, closed bottom instead of a point, just fold about 1/4″-inch of the end upon itself. Use double-sided tape to secure.
  5. Trim the top of the cone to make it even. I like to use pinking shears for a decorative edge.
  6. Punch holes at the top of the cone for the ribbon handle, and set eyelets.
  7. Thread ribbon through one hole, and knot. Thread through other, and knot. Knots should be inside cone.
  8. Embellish to fit your wedding theme!
  9. Fill cone with your choice of rose petals, lavender, candy-covered almonds or some other goodie ( be creative!).
  10. Hang the cones on the back of each guest’s chair, put them all in a basket for guests to grab, or place them at their table settings. So cute!
Credit – Mrs. Caterpillar at Wedding Bee, thank you!

DIY Wheat Grass Centerpiece – Perfect for Garden or Green Wedding!

Wheat grass is extremely easy and inexpensive to grow. It looks great alone or with some added flowers (roses for instance…as seen above!) creatively tucked in here and there. It makes a great living centerpiece for a spring or summer wedding, especially if you are going for a garden wedding theme..or simply going green!

To make your own centerpieces, you’ll only need a few things..and a 2-4 weeks of time! You will need some pretty containers for planting the grass in, some wheat grass seeds (found in a health food store or online at websites such as – 10 pounds of seed should make 25 small centerpieces), and some soil (miracle grow potting soil works great!). If you are adding flowers you will also need flower tubes, flower preservative and fresh cut flowers (preferably bought within a few days of wedding). Silk flowers may also’s worth a try, and you don’t have to wait till right before the wedding to add them! Ready? Let’s get started….

  1. Wheat grass seeds are sometimes prone to mold, so some choose to soak their seeds in water and mold control solution for no more than eight hours before planting. Mold control solution can be found at most garden centers or nurseries. (This is however optional, your seeds may not mold at all!) If you do soak your seeds, be sure to rinse them well before planting or the solution may stop your seeds from sprouting.
  2. Fill your container(s) with soil until the soil is about 2 inches from the top of the container and moisten well.
  3. Scatter your wheat grass seeds evenly across the moist soil all the way to the edges. Press the seeds down firmly, and then mist the seeds with a fine spray of water.
  4. Now just wait! Within a couple of days to a week and a half your grass seeds will begin to sprout. Once the sprouts have grown an inch or two, move your containers to a bright spot, such as a south facing window.
  5. Within 2-3 weeks your beautiful centerpieces will be thick with bright green wheat grass(4 inches tall!) and ready for your big day! If you need to trim the grass, that’s fine! Just grab some sharp scissors and give it a haircut. 🙂
  6. If you decide you want to further your centerpieces with flowers you will now need your fresh cut flowers (tulips, roses, daisies, lilacs for example), and flower tubes. Cut your fresh flowers with a sharp clean knife or pruners at a height that would allow them to peek out of the grass.
  7. Slide them into your flower tubes (filled with premixed water and flower preservative) and place them in your centerpiece(s).

Here are some more beautiful examples…

That’s all you need to do to have extremely inexpensive, diy centerpieces! Make sure you send me your pictures and takes on this diy centerpiece craft..I can’t wait to see how they turn out!