DIY Recipe: Simply Lemon Wedding Cake with buttercream icing

simply lemon wedding cake with buttercream icing

If you are taking on the task of making your own wedding cake for the big day, this great video I found on YouTube by realmeals is just for you! It’s a fantastic step-by-step video showing how to bake your own simply lemon wedding cake and frost it with buttercream icing. They go over the wedding cake recipe very thoroughly – including mixing the batter, filling the pans, baking, mixing the buttercream frosting¬† and even showing you how to assemble the cake one it is baked (including creating multi-colored buttercream roses)! The women teaching how to create this delicious wedding cake are truly cake divas! They make it look so simple!

YouTube Preview Image

The lemon cake sounds like it would be a delicious flavor for a summer wedding, especially with the addition of passionfruit puree to the buttercream icing..yum! Who am I to kid..this cake would be delicious year round..I could really go for some right now..heehee

DIY Recipe: Lemon Raspberry Wedding Cake

You can save a lot of money making your wedding cake from scratch! I found a delicious sounding wedding cake recipe by Sweet Melissa Patisseries on – Lemon Raspberry Wedding Cake. Of course, I’m sure you can also swap out cake pans for cupcake tins and papers and create a delicious cupcake tree instead!

The recipe serves 125 people, and the cake layers can be made from 2 days-2 weeks before serving. The cake can be fully assembled the day before the wedding, and kept cool.

Ingredients are..
3 batches fluffy white cake
1 batch lemon curd
9 cups (36 ounces) fresh raspberries or 3 (12-ounce) bags frozen raspberries, thawed and drained
3 batches meringue buttercream

For full instructions, visit the recipe on epicurious!

It sounds so delicious! I wish I wasn’t dieting for my own wedding or I’d be tempted to test the recipe out! Please let us know if you make the cake (or cupcakes!) with this recipe, and send in some pics!