DIY Project: Flower Girl Fairy or Butterfly Wings

fairy wings for flowergirl
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To beautifully accompany the previous post’s craft – a flower girl ribbon streamer, I thought following up with how to make some whimsical handmade fairy wings for your flower girl would be perfect! These do it yourself wings are very easy to make and are very customizable. They can be painted in any way you like, made any size you wish and can be shaped any way your heart desires. They can be made as simple or as detailed as you see fit for your big day.

To begin, you will need…

  • 14-18 gauge steel wire (easy to bend, but not so easy that it will lose shape!)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Duct Tape
  • Pantyhose, Colored tights or sheer material (sheer material will probably require sewing though!)
  • Clear Elastic
  • Sewing Materials – Needle and thread
  • Black or Colored Tape (optional, for wrapping wire)
  • Things for decorating! For wing color, fabric paints or halloween colored hairspray work great! Additional decorative details may include ribbons, gems and more..use your imagination!

To create your wings..

  1. You will start off with shaping your wings. You can make them in the shape of anything you wish! Some ideas may be butterfly wings or dragonfly wings. There are some sites online that are great for ideas and inspiration. Search fairy wings or flower fairy on any search engine I’m sure you’ll find some great ones. If you decide you want to wrap the wire with black or colored tape, do so now, before shaping. Next, shape your wings! Bend the wire in any way you see fit. You can make large loops of wire and then attach them with duct tape or you can twist the wire between loops (sort of like twisting a figure eight). The amount of loops and where connections are will depend on what style wing you choose to create. It’s all pretty straight forward though! Just follow the image you liked for inspiration and do your best to shape that with your wire. For example, if you are doing a butterfly with only one large wing on each side you will need 2 large shaped loops either attached with duct tape or twisted in center of the back. If you are doing a more elaborate style like a dragonfly, you will probably end up making four large loops. Let your creative mind be your guide!
  2. Once you have shaped your wings and closed/attached the loops with duct tape you will be ready to cover your wings. If you are using pantyhose or tights, cut a leg off and carefully stretch it over your first shaped loop. Pull taut and either knot tightly or sew the fabric securely to the wire structure. If you are using sheer fabric you will need to trim the fabric in the shape of the wing or loop, leaving 1/4″ excess fabric around the edge. Then simply wrap the material over the wire and hand stitch the fabric onto the structure. If you wish, you can now sew fabric over the center/spine area to hide any wire and make the wings more uniform visually.
  3. Next, add some straps for wearing! You will need 2 feet of clear elastic, one foot for each side. Sew each end to the center/spine area of the wings (If you are being creative with your wings and they are oddly shaped, eyeball it! You may want the straps higher or lower..depending on what shape you are using.) If you used pantyhose or tights ad knotted the fabric in the center, you can sew the elastic straps to the knots.
  4. Lastly, decorate your wings! If you are painting your wings, use the fabric paint or halloween hairspray to color your wings as you see fit. Then, glue and adorn your wings with any gems, ribbons and doodads you wish to make your handmade wings unique and customized.

That’s it! Just following these 4 easy steps you can create beautiful whimsy wings for the flower girl(s) in your wedding. They are an adorable addition to your wedding day, allowing you to customize your flower girl attire more to fit your theme or color scheme.

Be sure to send any pictures our way if you create some wings for your flower girls. We want to see! 🙂

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cute angel flower girl with fairy butterfly wings
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green butterfly fairy wings for flowergirl in wedding
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DIY Project: Flower Girl Ribbon Wand Streamers

Ribbon wands (or ribbon streamers) are an adorable flower girl accessory for any wedding. They are extremely affordable to make, beautifully customizable, and do not require much work or effort on your part! Plus, your flower girls will -love- them! They will entertain themselves swirling and twirling their little ribbon fairy wands about..making great photo opportunities! They are however only recommended for flower girls ages 5 and up! Best to be safe than sorry.

Materials You’ll Need…

  • Ribbon in your desired length, Silk & lame work nicely! Take the size of your flower girl into mind – 6 foot ribbons look absolutely beautiful and are ideal, but if your flower girl is tiny, this may be way too long. Shorten as necessary! 3-4 feet of ribbon works well for a smaller child. Ribbon width is just a matter of preference, 1.5″ seems to be a general size though.
  • Wooden Dowel Rod (for handle)
  • Hammer
  • Snap Swivel Hardware (this is actually fishing gear, check the sports/fishing area of your local Walmart, target or Dick’s to name a few! Click here for an example of what they look like)
  • Small Flathead Nail (NOT finishing nail!)
  • Sandpaper
  • Optional: Paint, Charms for Embellishing

The steps to creating your wands are pretty simple! Here we go!

  1. Gently sand your craft dowel until smooth. You don’t want your little flower cutie to get any splinters! If you plan on painting your dowel to further customize the wand to your wedding so here! Acrylic paints are extremely cheap (around $1.00 or less) and come in a large variety of they would work wonderfully! If you do decide to paint the dowel, allow proper time to dry before continuing on to the next step.
  2. Next, get your hammer, small flathead nail and swivel snap. Nail the swivel snap to the top of your dowel rod. (You are nailing the smaller circular end to the rod. The larger snap area is where your ribbon will be threaded!) Make sure you nail directly in the center of the dowel rod to ensure fluid ribbon movement, and that the nail is very secure.
  3. Finally, thread your pre-measured/precut ribbon through the larger snap circle of the swivel snap and make a secure knot. Trim the ribbon as you see fit visually. If you like, you can add another ribbon in the same fashion, in another color. For instance if your wedding colors are black and pink..a black and pink ribbon wand could look adorable! You may, however, want to shorten the ribbons a bit to make up for the additional ribbon weight (for easy whirling and twirling!). If you’d rather stick to one ribbon, but still want to incorporate two wedding colors, have one color for the ribbon and paint the wooden dowel in the second color! It’s all up to you!
  4. Lastly, if you should decide to further embellish your wand to match your wedding, you can do so here! Jewelry charms attach very easily to the swivel snap hardware you tied the ribbon to! Snowflake charms, butterfly charms..even seashell charms would add an additional adorable detail to the ribbon streamer.

Please Note: If the use of a hammer, nail and swivel snap hardware sound like to much for you, you can bypass that and just glue one end of the ribbon to the tip of your wooden dowel rod with a very strong super glue. This will, however, not look as finished and is much more likely to fall apart than if you did it the way above! Just a warning/tip!

That’s it! It’s an extremely easy DIY craft for your big day, and your flower girls will love their whimsical accessory! Please be sure to send pictures our way if you make your own custom flower girl ribbon wands using our instructions..we would -love- to see them!